Individual Counseling in Manassas, VA

Are you struggling with issues that keep reappearing no matter what you do? Are you running into challenges with your romantic relationships, family dynamics and/or friendships? Do you feel stuck in a dead-end job? Do you feel misunderstood or stuck even though you have reached out to family and friends? In other words, are you “just not where you thought you would at this stage of your life?"

If you answered “YES” to one or more of the questions listed above, then you may benefit from counseling in Manassas.

Major studies show that psychotherapy is effective in helping people feel better and work more effectively to reach their life goals.

During our lives there are times that we need extra support to get through tough times. By seeking the guidance and coaching of a licensed therapist you can receive incredible value from their training and experience. You also gain access to their significant history in helping people overcome challenges and figuring out sustainable life strategies that work.
We will take the time to listen to your thoughts and feelings about your issues and become a trusted confidant that can assist you in finding new solutions to longstanding problems. We help you create a solution focused approach to the issues you face.

Our Psychotherapy Process and Philosophy

Beginning therapy can be an empowering and scary process. This may be your first time sharing some deep and meaningful parts of your life with someone who you just met. Knowing this, we move at your own pace, listening and asking questions as we deepen our understanding of your life.

We will help you ask the right questions that can help you have a clearer understanding of your situation, and often clients have new insights that lead to new positive actions. In fact, sharing experiences can actually make you feel more compassionate toward yourself and others. It can also help to release any shame, guilt or hard feelings, you harbor toward yourself, others, and your situation.

Although we pull from a deep well of training tools, we are solutions-focused therapists. We believe that everyone needs to learn skills and strategies that can change his or her life for the better. We can be your strongest advocate, mentor, coach and confidant and will support you 100% as you take the necessary steps to heal and experience peace and happiness.

Active listening is also a major part of our therapy process, therefore we pride ourselves in providing valuable input and feedback in an interactive, safe, supportive and nurturing manner. Moreover, a powerful observation from a therapist can help you become more self-aware. We offer an exchange that is direct, compassionate, and considerate. We care about you as a person and want you to be happy and successful.

We help people work through issues that include dating and relationships, infidelity, separation or divorce, sexual concerns, parenting, career, family of origin issues, anxiety, depression, life stage changes, and so much more.

Clients can exit therapy feeling capable of resolving future issues without assistance. In other words, following therapy you are able to cope with difficult situations with dignity and respect for yourself and others. You may have the ability to develop a greater sense of intimacy with yourself and the people around you.