Group Therapy in Manassas

A therapeutic group encourages its participants to interact freely with other group members and to process various behavioral patterns of its members that may have lead to hurting themselves or others. The group therapy environment provides a safe setting for recognizing such behavioral patterns and learning about alternative ways of treating yourself and others. Moreover, group therapy provides members an opportunity to increase understanding by recognizing similar difficulties faced by other people and their ability to grow past them, thus encouraging the members to work toward achieving their sobriety and other goals.

A counseling group is usually comprised of up to 8 group members who meet once a week. The content of group sessions is confidential. Each member decides individually how much and at what point he or she wants to share with the group. Members are able to benefit from the group even during sessions when they decide to say little and instead listen to others. The more you become involved, the more you are likely to benefit from the group therapy.

The group provides a safe place to learn more about yourself, as group members may bring up issues that strike a chord with you that you might not otherwise have been aware of. A natural process or enhanced acceptance of self and others occurs as one learns to relate more honestly and directly with others in the group.

Our priority is to establish an atmosphere of safety and respect, and to help the group develop an encouraging environment for personal growth. An important benefit of group therapy is the opportunity to receive feedback from others in a supportive environment. We will help members give feedback in a direct, respectful way so that you can understand and utilize new awareness and experiences.