Couples and Family Therapy in Manassas, VA

Couples or families may be arguing, bickering, and constantly triggering each other, or they may be disconnected, feeling alone, and barely speaking. The common thread in couples or families seeking counseling is that their relationship is no longer a safe, loving, and enjoyable space.

We help couples and families restore strength and security to their relationships. We show families how to communicate more effectively and resolve conflict, and show couples how to create a conscious partnership focused on valuing and validating each other’s experiences.

Common Relationship Struggle:

  • Lack of intimacy, connection, satisfaction and enjoyment with your partner
  • Constant bickering and fighting, excessive anger and loss of temper
  • Insecurity, lack of trust, infidelity, or betrayal
  • Differing ideas of roles, rules, and expectations
  • Difficulty transitioning to a parenting relationship
  • Inherent differences in lifestyle decisions (having children, religion, career)
  • Extended family conflicts
  • Feeling misunderstood
  • Difficulty communicating
  • Having the same arguments over and over again

When Should We Enter Couples Counseling?

Often times, couples wait too long before seeking help. Anger and resentment could be building for years, destroying connection, safety, and love - the foundations of the relationship. Whenever couples find themselves in patterns that they can’t break, therapy can be extremely helpful. We create a conscious partnership focused on valuing and validating each other’s experiences in order to deepen the emotional connection, restore intimacy, and show couples how to become responsive to their partner’s needs and wants.

If you believe your relationship is in need of help contact us today for an appointment.