I have been working in the mental health and chemical dependency fields since 2008 helping adolescents, adults, and their families restore and maintain emotional and physical health.

While much of my professional experience includes working with addiction, I also have extensive experience working with dual-diagnosis clients whom I have treated for mood disorders and trauma, as well as family and couples issues.

The scope of my experience includes working in a private practice setting, community-based and non-profit organizations, residential treatment facilities, crisis centers, subacute detoxification and rehabilitation, day treatment (partial hospitalization, and outpatient treatment programs.

I hold Master’s degree in Community Counseling from the Marymount University in Arlington, VA, and am licensed as a Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Virginia as well as a fully Certified CSAT (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist).

I bring a cognitive-behavioral and strength-based philosophy to my work with individuals, couples, families, and in the group therapy setting. My goal is to help guide clients to a healthy recovery that addresses the entire person, not just their diagnosis. In addition, I bring knowledge, years of experience, and a compassionate approach to clients.

I believe in the strength of individuals, but also in the evidence-based efficacy of group therapy in recovery from addictions. During treatment I strongly encourage family involvement as well as use of AA/NA 12 step programs to build strong sober supports as pillars of recovery. Therapeutic success not only comes through counseling interventions and techniques, but also with the addition of positive and healthy relationships. I am passionate about recovery and use my experience and professional expertise to help others avoid the pitfalls of early sobriety.

I have considerable experience with psychological and substance abuse evaluations, treatment of mood disorders, medication protocols, substance abuse treatment, group therapy, individual therapy and family therapy. I have extensive training in cognitive-behavioral therapy, coping skill development, and education groups. I am currently exploring alternative medicine practices, such as music therapy, relaxation therapy, benefits of yoga and meditation.

I also provide expert witness reports and testimony for criminal and immigration cases, including DUIs, extreme hardship, political asylum, and spousal abuse.